A Walking Disaster


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Wow! I think our love made him angry.

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What the books are actually like

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To me the clones represent the many way our lives could go - the many possibilities for any one person. And to me it’s interesting at the end of season one, we find out that the clones have been patented. That always resonated for me as a woman to have this idea of our bodies not being our own. There’s this media ownership over the images of women’s bodies and there’s such an emphasis on your body representing who you are and defining who you are and also fitting into a specific box. I feel that’s a very resonant theme for young women like myself, and especially women in this industry.

- Tatiana Maslany on the themes of identity & personhood in Orphan Black (x)

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Sarah Manning’s ultimately special because she dares to go off-script. If she runs into trouble, she’ll chug a bottle of hand soap to buy some time. If she runs up against a wall, she’ll grab a fire extinguisher and bash her way the hell right out. In an instant of inspired thinking, Sarah constantly rejects what should be desperate, cornered moments with her sheer determination to survive.

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There are no random acts…We are all connected…You can no more separate one life from another than you can separate a breeze from the wind…

- Mitch Albom, The Five People You Meet in Heaven (via observando)

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